The Industrial Railway advances

Much hard work by a small group of volunteers has seen the Industrial Railway project make very rapid progress. By Friday evening 15th May the track bed for much of the line had been excavated and backfilled with reclaimed ballast, with track materials laid out on the formation – the pictures tell the story of just how much has been achieved.

The initial length of line, replacing the storage track at Stump Siding, has been reconnected to the mainline, aligned and fish-plated ready for spiking down in the coming week so that the rolling stock stored in Chartley Loop whilst this work is underway can be returned to the siding prior to the joint Stafford & Uttoxeter Railway book & 25th “cutting the first sod” anniversary event this coming Saturday, 23rd May.

It’s good to see the ex-Minworth Motor Rail in use too, hauling the former Herrington Colliery manrider/ambulance car on loan from Neil Morgan, which is doing sterling service as a permanent way crew and tool vehicle.

Many thanks to Pete, Lawrence, Derek, Joe, Kris, Luke and Rob for their hard work during the week.


Industrial rlwy 15.5.15 Industrial rlwy 15.5.15_2