The Haunting of Amerton Railway

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience this October 26th, as we extend a chilling invitation to spooky thrill-seekers and ghost hunting aficionados. Join us at Amerton Railway, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to embark on a spine-tingling adventure!

Amerton Railway, nestled in a picturesque countryside setting, is more than just a charming railway; it’s a place with a captivating and enigmatic history. As you step foot onto the hallowed grounds, you’ll be transported back in time, immersing yourself in the mysterious stories that surround this remarkable place.

But beware, this ground holds secrets that have been carefully guarded for generations. The echoes of its past resonate throughout the area, and the spirits of those who once walked these tracks still linger, their stories echoing in the wind. Each twist and turn of the railway reveals a new layer of history, and with each passing moment, you’ll feel the presence of those who came before you.

As you delve deep into the heart of the Railway, you’ll uncover a tapestry of tales, each more intriguing and haunting than the last. These stories are etched into the very fabric of this place, waiting for intrepid explorers like you to unearth them.

Prepare to be enchanted by the eerie atmosphere, the haunting whispers of the past, and the thrill of uncovering the mysteries that have remained hidden for far too long. This is not your ordinary adventure; it’s a journey into the unknown, and an opportunity to become a part of Amerton Railway’s ghostly history.

So, come with an open mind and a curious spirit on October 29th, and let the chilling allure of our ghost stories captivate you. The spirits are waiting, and a unique Halloween adventure is about to begin. Are you brave enough to accept the invitation?

Start times:

Booking is essential! Get your tickets here…

Prepare for your mysterious adventure by wearing warm clothing and sturdy footwear, as you’ll be venturing beyond the train tracks and into the abandoned mine grounds. Since parts of the event occur on uneven, muddy terrain, it’s essential for guests to be steady on their feet. Be aware that your visit will include flashing lights, smoke, dramatic scenes, and loud noises, so consider this if you or your children may be sensitive to such stimuli. If you have any questions please contact us.

Online ticket sales have now closed, we do have limited spaces available for walk-ups on the day.

Ticket Prices:
Adult: £TBC
Children (3 to 16 years): £TBC

All of the stories featured in this event are fictitious, produced entirely by our volunteers for the enjoyment of our visitors.