Hunslet No. 8561 “Gordon”

Technical Details:

Builder: Hunslet Engine Co., Leeds No.: 8561
Weight: 4 tons Year: 1978
Tractive effort: 28 hp

This flameproofed underground loco arrived at Amerton on 29th January 1996 having been purchased from a scrap-yard in Fife. The loco is typical of an NCB loco and has hydraulic drive to the two axles, fully air-braked and fitted with a variety of hydraulic and pneumatic safety devices.

Previously working at Allerton Bywater and Castlebridge Collieries, the loco is fitted with a Perkins 3.152 engine and is generally of very sound construction. The loco has now been re-gauged to 2 feet and has undergone an extensive re-build, the Perkins engine being virtually new. The gearbox and torque converter have been fully overhauled with modifications to obtain a slightly higher top speed.

A new cab and body work was designed by John Strike based on the contemporary “Wagonmaster” locos, and the parts were fabricated and assembled at Amerton, making a modern comfortable and very capable machine. Gordon has become our main passenger diesel.