Access Statement


This statement concisely describes the facilities for passengers and visitors to Amerton Railway so they can understand whether their access needs can be met. It does not warrant the suitability of facilities for less able customers. If you have any questions please use the details below.

Contact Details

www.amertonrailway.co.uk : Full details of train services, history, events and locomotives.


Tel: 01889 271337 If you do not receive an answer, please leave a message.


Amerton Railway is a 2 foot gauge heritage railway running through open farmland adjacent to Amerton Farm & Craft Centre, Stowe-by-Chartley, Staffordshire, ST18 0LA.

Public Transport

D&G Bus 841 & 841A Monday to Saturday only to Stowe Church about 20 minutes walk to the Railway along the A518 a busy main road with 60mph speed limit. Details from www.dgbus.co.uk or Travel Line 0871 200 2233.


Parking is on the Amerton Farm carpark which has a variety of loose gravel, compacted stone, tarmac and grass surfaces. Access to Amerton Station is via tarmac driveway from the car park with a slight rise just before the platform.

Public Toilets & Catering

Provided at Amerton Farm with wheelchair and limited mobility access

Amerton Station

Has a flat hard surfaced platform and tickets may be purchased from an external ticket window. Access to the Ticket Office Shop is via a standard width doorway with a step up of 5.5 inches up from the platform surface.


Our coaches are of a narrow gauge ‘heritage design’ and have doorways approximately 30 inches wide. Coaches 1 & 2 (without doors) have fairly narrow seating bays and Coach 2 has a seating bay with a right angle turn in it. Coaches 1 & 2 have a ‘step up’ from the platform to footboards of 6.5 inches and a further step up to coach floors of 8 inches. Coach 5/with doors has a ‘step up’ from the platform to footboards of 9.0 inches and a further step up to coach floor of 7 inches.

Wheelchair Access to Trains

Coach 5 has one bay with a removable bench seat permitting 2 average size wheelchairs to be accommodated. Access is via a Portaramp 1 piece wheelchair ramp which spans the full width of the door opening. The Safe Working Load (SWL) of the Ramp is 300Kg and it has a non slip surface and rubber grips at the top end to aid adhesion to the coach floor.   Railway staff can assist wheelchair users into and out of the coach.

Wheelchair Access Limitations

Coach 5 is only used in trains on days when steam service operates, usually Sundays and Bank Holiday At other times Coach 5 may be included by prior arrangement with the Railway and subject to operating considerations.

Wheelchair Access Limitations

Railway staff may determine that a powered wheelchair cannot be safely loaded due to weight or size considerations which can only be determined on inspecting the chair on the platform.

Running Shed & Workshop

We allow guided visits around these facilities staffing permitting. The Running Shed has a very uneven floor with raised rails and is not safe for anyone with mobility issues. The Workshop has a smooth and level concrete floor.

Access to the Workshop and the Running Shed is via either:

  • A loose surfaced yard with quite a steep gradient which may not be suitable for those with mobility issues
  • In the case of the Workshop followed by a steep/high two step foot access
  • The Shed Yard but in both cases access requires walking across rails set in ballast.

Chartley Building

We occasionally hold exhibitions and events herewhich has a smooth, level concrete floor. Access is via a loose surfaced yard with a quite steep gradient which may not be suitable for those with mobility issues